When It Actually Feels Like Spring

We recently bought a condo in downtown Portland and have since been decorating – there are so. many. options. It’s the first place that both Chris and I have been able to decorate and curate from the ground up. We spent a solid hour at our condo looking at different fabrics for blinds which eventually dissolved into blinds? Or curtains? Or both? Needless to say there was no resolution and the evening dissolved into wine and small plates at Mediterranean Exploration. Yesterday was also the first streak of unseasonably warm weather {not complaining…} so I got to dress in one [Read More…]

Winter In Portland

First, your coat. It must be warm, ideally waterproof or water-resistant, preferably windproof, and it must must must have a hood. This is a non-negotiable between October and March, give or take a month or two, because rain is always in the forecast.

Second, is layering, especially…