Winter In Portland

In my younger years {because once you pass 30 you are so much wiser...} I was definitely fashion over function. As long as I had a coat that was good enough to get me from point a to point b, I was fine. Then I moved to Portland and the idea of looking chic and put together was trumped by functional outerwear. In the four years that I've lived in the Pacific Northwest, I've realized that there two things that are crucial to staying warm and looking relatively stylish when the temperature drops and rain is coming sideways at your face.

First, your coat. It must be warm, ideally waterproof or water-resistant, preferably windproof, and it must must must have a hood. This is a non-negotiable between October and March, give or take a month or two, because rain is always in the forecast.

Second, is layering, especially when it gets cooler. The weather is so spotty out here {case and point we were supposed to get 10″ of snow and all we got was rain..} that it could be 40 degrees and raining one minute and sunny and 65 the next.

I have struggled to find a coat that really checks all the boxes for me in the winter. Especially because I’ve been looking for something that I can put on over a silk blouse and still be warm {and not look like a stack of tires} in 35 degree weather. Apparently Instagram was enthralled with my dilemma, because I eventually started seeing ads for The Arrivals. Perfectly timed considering my need for a new winter parka.

When I read “we craft storm-proof layers for every destination”, “outerwear that performs on the mountain is now at home on the street” and “lifetime warranty” I knew I was in the right place. However being that I work in retail and will do everything possible not to pay full price for anything, I stalked, and ended up snagging an older version of their Halstrom IV parka half off during Cyber Weekend. The only thing that I would change is the fact that it weighs at least 8 pounds. Otherwise, it’s been solid purchase.

February 7, 2019
February 13, 2019