Meet Sarah

    There’s no short story as to how I got to where am I am today. On paper, I’m an east coast girl living in Portland, Oregon working at an amazing company with an even more amazing group of people. But when people ask me how I ended up on the west coast I often chuckle because there’s so much more to it.

    I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland—no my life was not like The Wire, yes I do most often call people “hon”, and yes, I do love the Ravens. I went to college in upstate New York where I played field hockey and studied architecture, however I quickly realized that I love fashion and design, fitness, and plant-based food and nutrition. Today that seems like the a triple threat, but back then, I was “all over the place” as someone once told me.

    I spent the next 3 years after college exploring different careers within my passions; design assistant in Manhattan, culinary school at Living Light Culinary Art Institute in California where I graduated as an Associate Chef and Instructor, manager at a luxury boutique while working as a personal chef in Baltimore, but ultimately I decided I was going to move out west and enroll in Bastyr’s post-baccalaureate program for Naturopathic Medicine.

    I was convinced that I was going to be a Naturopathic Doctor. I loved helping people, hearing peoples stories and having an impact on someone else’s life. But after getting into the graduate program, deferring, getting accepted again, and deferring…again, I knew I wasn’t 100% committed to the profession. I wasn’t ready to leave fashion behind and fully dedicate my life to medicine.

    “Your purpose does not have anything to do with what you do, but rather the state of being that you carry with you in everything that you do.”

    Wendy Kennedy

    So I decided to get into buying, the other side of fashion that I had always been fascinated by, and eventually, I found myself in Portland, eating great food, working in sport and fashion, and getting to live a life that was more nourishing to me than it had ever been before. Today, I continue to learn about myself and explore my passions. I try to stay tuned into my body, mind and soul and listen to what it needs so that I am truly nourishing all aspects of my being and can therefore show up as my unique authentic self. I recently heard a quote on the Soul on Fire podcast and I couldn’t agree more because when we take care of ourselves, really nourish our essence, then we are more connected to our purpose, our raison d’être {reason for being} and as a result are more connected to who we are.