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This Is 30

The Friday before our flight we found out that C’s father was going on hospice care.  C’s father had been suffering from dementia and a progressive decline in health for the past several years, however over the past few months and during his last weeks, the deterioration had increased…

DIY Coconut Yogurt

It’s not hard to see that non-dairy yogurt is trending. The number of soy, almond and coconut yogurt options at the grocery store seems to grow almost daily.  Fermented food is already having a major moment due to the fact that research continues to support the importance of having…

Yogurt Parfait

Sometimes you have those weeks that are so busy you barely have time to pee. Hopefully it’s not the norm, but when it happens this is a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack to start your day or keep you going. I typically make it using homemade yogurt and a…

Caesar Dressing

This is one of my go to salad dressing recipes that I picked up in culinary school. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it also goes great with virtually any vegetable or meat. I’ve found it goes best with chicken, salmon, tuna, chickpeas and hard-boils eggs….